How to Train Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

A dog is a man’s best friend. Therefore, they should be treated as such. The easiest way of taking care of your dog is dog grooming/brushing or bathing it regularly. However, sometimes that can prove to be quite difficult, especially if your dog hates bath time. But have no worries, because the team at Topknotch Dogs has come up with this blog post to teach you how to train your dog to enjoy bath time. Enjoy!

Getting Prepared

• Know how often your dog needs baths and what shampoo to use. This might vary according to the breed of your dog.

• Decide whether you want to bathe it indoors or outdoors,

• Be mindful of the weather. If it’s really cold, perhaps the bath can wait.

Jumping Into It

1) Work on getting your dog to feel comfortable with you handling them. Start off slow and make sure to be gentle as you stroke and pat them, moving from areas such as the chest and back, to the legs and eventually under the paws and footpads. The most important thing to remember is to reward them (perhaps with dog treats) and to praise them as you go along so that they can view dog grooming/brushing as something positive.

2) Introductions to the bath should be made into a pleasant activity. This is to make sure your dog will stay calm throughout the process. Use rewards and praises, keeping your tone calm and positive. Make sure to end things on a positive note so that the next bath time also goes well.

3) Introduce your dog to all things bath related. This can be the towel, shampoo bottles, buckets, ladles or hoses. Make them comfortable in the tub, without water at first. Showing them how the water flows out of the hose or tap is also a good idea. It’s important to take things slow and one at a time. Keep up with the rewards and praises.

4) To keep your dog from being too hyper during bath time, try to expend their energy earlier. Take them out on a stroll or play an active game. Let them rest a bit and then get into the bath.

5) Once all the introductions are done and your dog has started to view bathing equipment and the tub in a positive way, you can introduce them to the actual bath. Patience is key; if it’s not going well on day one then just try again some other time.

Just remember the take home messages; you want them to associate bath time with positive things such as praises and rewards so you have to take it slowly to let them feel comfortable and relaxed.

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