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Why Puppies Should Be Groomed Earlier Than 6 Months

Puppies are at their peak learning phase during the first 6 months of their life. Remember that in dog years the first 6 months is the equivalent of approximately the first 3 ½ years of life for a human child. Think of just how much a child learns in this time, from walking to talking and the basics of human behaviour.

Well, dogs actually learn even more quickly, and the first 6 months are really the crucial stage of training your pet pooch in many different ways. Your dog learns your commands, discovers what is considered right and wrong behaviour, learns how to walk on a lead, understands what people are saying and what each word means, knows that doing certain things leads to a reward like a treat.

When it comes to pet grooming – especially when the grooming is done by someone other than the owner – the sooner you get your puppy used to it, the better. If their first dog grooming session takes place within the first 2 – 4 months of your dog’s life, the quicker and better the puppy will adapt to the pet grooming process, the groomer, and the sooner your puppy will actually start to enjoy being groomed.

Before calling in a professional groomer for the very first time, you can start getting you puppy used to being groomed by putting them up on stable surface such as a washing machine or benchtop, use a rubber bath mat so the puppy does not flip and then using a puppy slicker brush, brush their coat from head to tail. Your puppy will naturally resist at first, but with some firm commands and a reward afterward, they will soon learn to be compliant. This also makes for a great chance to bond with your puppy. Everything you do during the first 6 months of your puppy’s life serves to create an even stronger bond; a bond that will never be broken.

Now that your puppy is at least a little used to being groomed, it’s time to call in the professional pet groomer for your puppy’s very first dog grooming and pampering session. You want to choose a pet groomer with experience, someone who is officially accredited and, most importantly, a pet groomer who has chosen this profession because of their love for animals, first and foremost. Believe me, your puppy will know this instantly.

Lisa Furlonger of TopKnotch Dogs Salon, based in Nerang on the Gold Coast, has been pet grooming for 30 years and is a fully trained and accredited pet groomer. So for dog grooming Gold Coast, get in touch with Lisa. She will look after your precious pooch.