How Often Should You Brush or Groom Your Dog?

Brushing your dog’s coat is an essential part of dog grooming/brushing and a healthy pet grooming/brushing practice. How often you should brush or groom your dog depends on two factors. The first is the breed of your dog, as your dog’s coat type and length will be determined by this. The other factor is what your dog has been up to recently. (E.g. playing in the mud or dust etc.)
Longhaired coats can lead to entanglement. Additionally, mats and debris get stuck more easily on dogs with longhaired coats. This means you will have to spend more time on dog grooming/brushing. On the other hand dogs with shorthaired coats may not even require the usual type of brush. Instead, try using a soft rubber mitt (which provides an awesome massage for your dog), or disposable rubber gloves ( which are available in any supermarket) are great for grabbing those really short loose hairs and spreads the natural oils in their coats to give maximum shine to your dog.
Dog grooming/brushing should be done as often as your dog requires it. Signs of tangles or dullness usually indicate that it is time for some brushing or dog grooming/brushing. The amount of time that should be spent on dog grooming/brushing will depend on what breed your dog is. This can vary from a little while to a few hours a week.

Some Guidelines

If your dog has a smooth, short coat (e.g. Staffy or Beagle) then you should groom it monthly to remove dirt buildup and loose hairs.
If your dog has medium, dense fur (e.g. Jack Russell or Golden Retriever) then you should groom it once every week or fortnight.
If your dog is long-coated or double-coated (e.g. Pomeranian, Poodles or Afghan) then it is best to brush it on a weekly basis. This will ensure that mats and tangles are removed.
If you have a puppy then you must start off slow. Allow it plenty of time to feel comfortable being handled by you and having different parts of its body being brushed. This will help it prepare for dog grooming/brushing and vet visits in the future.

Not Grooming Your Dog on Time

It’s important to maintain the intervals between dog grooming/brushing because otherwise mats, knots and tangles can get quite bad and may even lead to skin irritation or infection.

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