Healthy Dog Treats

A dog is a really fun pet to have, but it is also a huge responsibility. If you get a dog, taking good care of it is not merely any other chore, it is your duty and promise as a pet owner. You are in charge of your dog’s well-being as long as you have it. Besides regular trips to the vet, getting all the shots and dog grooming/brushing, you also need to make sure that whatever your dog is eating is healthy. This means when you’re training your dog, all the treats you give it should also be healthy. That’s why Topknotch Dogs has come up with this list of healthy treats for your dog.


Carrots are great treats for your dog. They’re packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C. Additionally, carrots can help clean your dog’s teeth.

Frozen Sardines

Frozen Sardines are great treats for dogs because they are so small that they can be fed whole. Chuck a few of these to your dog anytime during the day to ensure it gets its daily dose of omega fats.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is particularly good for dogs that frequently have upset stomachs. Rice is pretty filling so your dog will stay strong but will have stomach issues less often.


Eggs are a good source of easily digestible proteins. This is especially good for dogs with upset stomachs which have a hard time digesting tougher proteins like meat. However, make sure you always use cooked eggs.


Apples contain vital nutrients like pectin, vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium. They’re really good for your dog. However, make sure your dog doesn’t eat apple cores or seeds.


Use cheese as a high value reward while training your dog. Most dogs love cheesy treats. Just bear in mind that too much cheese can be bad for your dog. Also, hard, ripened cheese is the best for your dog’s health.

Note: Please refer to your vet when changing any dietary requirements, especially when adding OILS to your dog’s diet.