Why You Should Groom Your Dog Regularly

A good way of taking care of your dog is dog grooming/brushing. And a great way of grooming/brushing your dog is brushing their coat on a regular and timely basis. This keeps your dog looking great and keeps it healthy too.

Hygiene and Health Benefits

An important reason to brush your dog is to get rid of any lose hairs. This will leave them feeling good and will also mean that there will be less of a mess for you to clean up later on.
Your dog will probably be out and about, accumulating dirt and debris on their coat. Brushing will help slide this dirt off. It will also help untangle all the mats and prevent knots from forming.
Brushing will help spread out your dog’s natural skin oils over the hair shaft, thus leaving them with a healthy and shiny coat. This also means that less frequent baths will be required.

Effects of Not Grooming or Brushing Your Dog Regularly

Not grooming/brushing your dog regularly can have adverse effects. Mats and knots can get quite bad, as they prevent airflow underneath the coat. This can cause skin irritation and infection. You can avoid this by grooming/brushing your dog regularly.

Social and Personal Benefits

Dog grooming/brushing gives you the chance to bond with your dog. It can also be a very pleasant and relaxing activity for both your dog and you. A dog that is regularly groomed will be more comfortable being handled. This means that visits to the vet or socializing with new dogs and people will be easier for them and they will be more comfortable.

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