Groom your dog up off the floor

Dogs, like humans, vary in their like and dislike of grooming. Some people love going to the hair dressers or the spa to be pampered and others hate it, much like dogs.

As a professional and certified dog groomer, Lisa has picked up some handy hints and tips for making the pampering experience less of a chore for you and your furry friend.

Dog grooming is easy when you understand dogs, and knowing a few of the basics is a great way to start.

Dogs are atomically close to the ground so they see this space as their territory.

Dogs associate lap time with pat time. So, when it comes to grooming, any dog groomer worth their salt will recommend a table.


Why is a dog grooming table so important?

One of the most valued items a dog groomer has is their table, and this is for a very good reason.

Grooming on the floor can be back-breaking work, not to mention you’ve given them free rein to run away should they not want to cooperate. You’ll soon start to understand why a groomers table is a must.

What is important in a grooming table

The last thing you want is a wobbly table that would make a dog feel unstable. A stable table is a sound investment.

Something as simple as a rubber bath mat is a great way to add some non-slip to your table top.

Your home grooming table does not have to be a professional groomers table. A simple bench that’s about waist height is ideal for smaller breeds, for example a laundry bench or the top of washing machine. For larger breeds, if possible, a long old coffee table about knee height works well and will take some of the strain off your back.

The best times to brush your dog are after a walk, just before their dinner, and for puppies just before nap time.

Grooming your dog up off the floor will not only make your DIY grooming a more pleasant task, but it will also make professional dog grooming a lot easier too.

Pet grooming can be physically demanding and as your dog gets bigger you will be glad you got them into good habits early on.

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