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Choose A Dog To Suit Your Lifestyle

As humans we have our different personality traits, likes and dislikes, and each and every one of us has a slightly different lifestyle. When choosing a dog that will fit into your particular lifestyle there can be many factors to consider – far too many for this short post – but we will cover a few important points here.

Where do you live?

Choosing dog depending on where you live means you take into consideration the size of both your dwellings and dog. If you have an acreage or large garden a high energy dog will have plenty of room to roam around, however a large, high energy dog in a small apartment is just going to make you and your dog unhappy. So it’s important to take this into consideration when you are choosing a furry friend.

Do You Have Small Children?

You want your children to be perfectly safe around your dog, so you will need to seriously consider this important point when choosing a breed. There are some small dogs that don’t get on well with children, so just because a dog is of a small breed doesn’t guarantee safety for the little ones.

What Is Your Activity Level?

Are you physically active and do you have the time to daily walk a dog that requires a lot of exercise? If you get a Border collie, for example, expect to be taking them on very regular long and vigorous walks. This breed of dog loves exercise, so you better love it too. If you don’t have a lot of time for regular dog walking, then maybe consider a small house dog that is happy to just be walked occasionally.

Will Your Dog Be Left Alone for Long Periods?

Dogs are social creatures and if your lifestyle means you will be away for extended periods, maybe a dog is not for you and a cat could be a better option.

Use The Internet to Choose Your Breed

Make the most of modern technology and use the internet to help you decide on what breed of dog best fits in with your personality and lifestyle. There are many websites (a lot of the pet food manufacturers included) that have questionnaires where you can input important factors regarding your lifestyle to help determine what breed of dog is best suited. Some of the questionnaires are quite in-depth to really break it all down. This is definitely worth taking the time to do, as ultimately you want both you and your new dog to be happy.

These handy tips provided by TopKnotch Dogs Salon at Nerang on the Gold Coast. For professional dog grooming give Lisa Furlonger a call. She has more than 30 years’ experience in professional pet grooming.