A good way of taking care of your dog is dog grooming/brushing. And a great way of grooming/brushing your dog is brushing their coat on a regular and timely basis. This keeps your dog looking great and keeps it healthy too. Hygiene and Health Benefits An important reason to brush your dog is to get rid of any lose hairs.

A dog is a really fun pet to have, but it is also a huge responsibility. If you get a dog, taking good care of it is not merely any other chore, it is your duty and promise as a pet owner. You are in charge of your dog’s well-being as long as you have it. Besides regular trips to

Brushing your dog’s coat is an essential part of dog grooming/brushing and a healthy pet grooming/brushing practice. How often you should brush or groom your dog depends on two factors. The first is the breed of your dog, as your dog’s coat type and length will be determined by this. The other factor is what your dog has been up

A dog is a man’s best friend. Therefore, they should be treated as such. The easiest way of taking care of your dog is dog grooming/brushing or bathing it regularly. However, sometimes that can prove to be quite difficult, especially if your dog hates bath time. But have no worries, because the team at Topknotch Dogs has come up with

Puppies first groom is important and you want it to go well, a negative experience could stay with them for some time. Getting a puppy in for a groom by the age of 8 weeks is a great first step in getting them used to pet grooming. These early first few weeks puppies are exploring the world, and if this

Dogs, like humans, vary in their like and dislike of grooming. Some people love going to the hair dressers or the spa to be pampered and others hate it, much like dogs. As a professional and certified dog groomer, Lisa has picked up some handy hints and tips for making the pampering experience less of a chore for you and

If you are a dog lover and have a close relationship with your pet, then you will be well aware that dog’s definitely have a sixth sense. Their instincts are extremely strong and they can pick up on things that are way beyond the comprehension of us mere humans. In this post we’ll look at 6 things your dog knows

Puppies are at their peak learning phase during the first 6 months of their life. Remember that in dog years the first 6 months is the equivalent of approximately the first 3 ½ years of life for a human child. Think of just how much a child learns in this time, from walking to talking and the basics of human

Pet insurance can often be more confusing than health insurance for humans. Every insurance company has different stipulations regarding what they will cover, and dogs come in many different breeds. Each breed has its known strengths and genetic weaknesses, and insurance will generally vary for each breed of dog as well. Pet Insurance Is Important Don’t neglect to get some

As humans we have our different personality traits, likes and dislikes, and each and every one of us has a slightly different lifestyle. When choosing a dog that will fit into your particular lifestyle there can be many factors to consider – far too many for this short post – but we will cover a few important points here. Where