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6 Things Your Dog Knows About You

If you are a dog lover and have a close relationship with your pet, then you will be well aware that dog’s definitely have a sixth sense. Their instincts are extremely strong and they can pick up on things that are way beyond the comprehension of us mere humans. In this post we’ll look at 6 things your dog knows about you based on their extra-sensory perception.

#1 – Your Dog Knows When You Are Sad

Often your dog will sense this even before you realise you are on a bit of a downer. Generally your dog will do one of two things:

  1. They will try their best to cheer you up
  2. They will sit by your side and quietly commiserate with you

#2 – Dogs Can Sense Disease

It’s true. Not in every case, but all too often a dog has been documented to sense when someone is not well or even gravely ill, even when the sick person isn’t showing any obvious outward symptoms. Dogs have been known to sense the growth of cancer in their owner even before a doctor has diagnosed it.

#3 – Dogs Know When You Are Angry or Afraid

When it comes to fear, their hyper-sensitive noses can pick up on subtle scents in humans like adrenalin. If you have been with your pet for some time and you become angry with them, or just annoyed about anything at all, your pooch will know it without you even having to utter a single harsh word. They can read your body language as well as pick up on your agitated state.

#4 – Your Dog Will Know You Are Pregnant

There are literally thousands of reported cases of dogs changing their behaviour around a pregnant owner, suddenly becoming even more protective, attentive and loving. Remember, a canine’s nose is extremely sensitive and they can pick up on subtle hormonal changes in humans. And dogs are a lot smarter and more intuitive than they are often given credit for. If you are pregnant, relish the fact that your dog knows this and wants to be a part of the experience.

#5 – They Know When They’re Going To The Vet

Sometimes you can fool them into thinking you’re going somewhere fun, but deep down you know you are taking them to the vet and you also know they are not going to be happy. Your pet will sense this despite the fact that you’re pretending otherwise. Dogs aren’t stupid. They can read their owners like a book.

#6 – Dogs Know When You’re A Good Person

The canine instinct is both very strong and extremely accurate. They know if someone can be trusted or not. And they especially know if their owner is a good person. Dogs are designed to be obedient to their owners, but just because a dog obeys its owner, it doesn’t necessarily mean they genuinely love their owner. Even a brutal owner can have their dog under their command. When a dog knows you are truly a good person they will show you genuine love and affection and you will see it present in their eyes every time they look at you.

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